hello & welcome... I am

 dr. danielle cornelius 

With a background in communications, education in chiropractic bodywork, and mentorship with the vagina whisperer, I have spent over a decade utterly devoted to assisting women on their path toward embodying their power at the center.

In fact, I believe this is our most hopeful way forward as we reconnect to nature as our ultimate and most sustainable energy source.

I am here to help you reclaim what your body already knows ... how powerful you are.

crucial conversations about the womb and femme power

Learn to harness the 

A handbook for living a life of ease and flow.

Cycles Of Wisdom is a beginners guide to understanding the cycle of the moon, your menstrual cycle, seasonal changes, and lifetime markers and how to celebrate these cycles through ritual.

practicing the art of
deep listening
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join us on a magical pilgrimage deep into lush, uncharted feminine wilderness...


I absolutely LOVE Danielle and can't say enough good things about her!

She provides a safe, loving, and compassionate environment for healing. - Stacy

Danielle is an integral healer in my self-care regimen. I am so great full for her wisdom and healing presence.

It is a blessing to do this work with someone that is awakened and doing her own work!

Thank you for your bravery Danielle!😍 - Kathy

Danielle is a modern wise woman, blending wisdom cycles of nature with women's health.

Her work is a harmonious blend of physical bodywork and energy work and intuitive guidance.

I'm blessed to have found her! - Jamie

Danielle has the training, education and sensitivity to aid in the process of your body's healing at the deepest levels.

Her practice is more than chiropractic, it is a complete realignment back to your most feminine self. - Shara