restore your sacred waters

reconnect your heart & womb

For over a decade, I have dedicated my life to practicing the art of deep listening in support of the vibrancy of the female root.


My focus on the healing arts of Chiropractic Care, Trauma-Informed Pelvic Myofascial Release, Energy Medicine, and other esoteric feminine healing practices, has taught me deep reverence for the female body and energy system.


My job is simple, really. I help you reclaim what your body already knows ... how powerful you are. 

replenish your deepest wells

How Can I Support You?

Physical medicine is a non-invasive way to help with pelvic musculoskeletal issues you may not have considered a hands-on care for like incontinence, prolapse, preparing for and healing from pregnancy and birth, scar tissue healing, and enhanced fertility.

Health & Vitality Coaching is also available for those not in the area or are looking for more virtual support for any reason.



  HEALTH &  


  Vital Vagina Podcast  

   Crucial conversations   
   about the womb   
   and femme power.   


"Dr. Danielle is endlessly knowledgeable, passionate, and her hands are magic. Her deep understanding of the body comes through in every movement and question, as is her respect for her clients as people." 



You can find Dr. Danielle practicing in Portland, OR and Oakland, CA. 
Call or text 1 (510) 592-5228, or complete the form below, for more information.
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The information in this website and podcast is not meant to be medical advice. The opinion of the guest is not necessarily Dr. Danielle's opinion. The intent of this podcast is to present information based on a variety of opinions and sources. If you need help with a specific medical issue, please see your practitioners directly and do your own research.

(Please always listen to both your instincts and multiple sources!)