about me

My name is Dr. Danielle Cornelius. I am a chiropractor who has focused my work at the root of the female body for over a decade. My passion has been in the realm of female pelvic health. Early in my education, I noticed a major lack of quality care for female health within my profession.

Shortly after completing my doctor of chiropractic degree, I took a deep dive into the female pelvic bowl by focusing my practice and continuing education on the gentlest and most honoring chiropractic techniques, Holistic Pelvic Care™️, and the effects of trauma, and our culture, on the body.

The primary focus of my practice began with pelvic floor myofascial release as a non-invasive way to help with pelvic musculoskeletal issues many have not considered a hands-on care for like stress incontinence, prolapse, preparing for and healing from pregnancy and birth, scar tissue healing, and enhanced physical and creative fertility.

Over the years, I incorporated more and more work beyond the pelvic floor, integrating the entire myofascial system to support these root issues.

My depth of study and incorporation of natural healing and bodywork practices, energy medicine, and other esoteric feminine healing arts, has taught me a deep reverence for the female body and feminine energy system. It has taught me the art of deep listening.

We are too often told that we must simply live with issues such as incontinence, menstrual pain, low back pain, and other pelvic issues, which is simply not true! Your body is an incredible self-healing organism. Bodywork and self-care are key components in clearing interferences to its natural state of being and optimum expression.

  Work With Me

The Zhiva Method came to me while in the midst of feverishly researching my eastern European roots and the ancient healing methods indigenous to those places. My mother line was brought to the US by way of Bohemia. My great-grandmother, with whom I share a birthday, and most of her siblings, were the first in her family to be born on this soil. Her parents and two siblings came from what is now the Czech Republic in the early 1900s.

When I was young, I remember often hearing whispers that the women in my family had "the gift" of intuition. Later on, I would learn that my great-grandmother used to channel via automatic writing although she kept it secret, for I am sure many different reasons. Although much has been fractured in this line of my family, once I started doing my own healing work, I felt a strong urge to revisit the roots of my grandmothers and the pre-christian/patriarchal healing methods of the lands from which they came.

In this learning, I discovered that the pagan traditions in that region where incredibly simple and close to the earth. Spiritual connection and the ability to heal is deeply embedded into a great reverence for and dynamic alignment with nature. Just like our bodies are always striving towards homeostasis, so is the earth. We are not actually separate from nature at all. That idea is the great fracture that has kept us from our birthright as people with wombs or feminine spirits: access to our own power.

It is in the simple, every day connection to our Great Mother Gaia that we find peace and healing, not just for the self, but for all.

My ancestors practiced very simple and close-to-the-earth practical magic. That way of life has resonated the most to me as well. I have always been pulled to keep my spiritual practices simple. Close to myself and close to the earth. So I developed the Zhiva Method to share with others who are looking for a similar, simple and natural approach to balance and harmony in the body.

The word Zhiva came to me slowly. First, I discovered the word "zhyva" as a Slavic word for sacred universal life force. It means ALIVE, VITAL ... being animately existent. Further into my research, I discovered a pre-christian goddess that goes by many names, one is Ziva. She is the goddess of life, water, and fertility. She pre-dates mother earth as a goddess, and is more connected to the waters of primordial earth. The goddess of living water.

From that honoring of my roots, combined with modern wisdom of my own after so many years of direct work with the female ot, the Zhiva Method was born

Indeed, this method will help you connect more deeply to your own sacred, electrically-alive waters.

The Story of Zhiva