Introducing your Inner Medicine Bowl

Learn to connect with your pelvic bowl energy and root into your deepest wisdom.

Having trouble knowing what to believe lately? What to do? Feeling lost? Confused? Frustrated? Lonely? Off-center?


I can tell you right now, the answers are not in any outside authority or political affiliation.


The answers are inside you.


Stillness and clarity can be had, even in moments of chaos and confusion.


As we move forward into a new normal as a collective it will be imperative that we are deeply connected to our roots. Meaning, we must be grounded. We must do whatever we can to stay embodied while the forces around us try to keep us floating in bubbles of anxiety.


This challenge is designed to bring you back to your own center so that you can access the deep wisdom that helps you determine what to do next.


Included in this challenge are four weekly activities designed to help you tap into your inherent wisdom. These simple guided visualizations and creative activities do not take up much time and yet provide potent and timely medicine.


You carry ancient medicine in your pelvic bowl. You can access it at any time and this challenge will teach you how.


I am grateful for my mentor, Tami Lynn Kent MSTP, who wrote the book Wild Feminine years ago and informs many of these techniques. My deepest appreciation for finding this work ten years ago and to be able to share this medicine with people during a time of deep unrest.


It is becoming increasingly common for me to work with people over the phone. I have learned to respect how helpful these simple techniques are in helping people find a sense of calm, balance, and clarity.


You can join the challenge whenever you are ready. There is an option to choose your start date when you purchase the challenge. Each week there is an audio download to listen to that is only FIVE minutes long and an activity that can take as much or little time as you need.


I purposely made this as easy as humanly possible so anyone can learn to sneak in this precious self-care time. (And, believe me, it is NOT time that is just precious for you, it is critical for the entire community.)

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(Please always listen to both your instincts and multiple sources!)