What if you could easily learn to use the cycles of the Sun, the Moon, your body, and your phase of life to guide you? What if connecting to these cycles could offer you a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection you’ve been longing for?

We are creatures of nature, and we were meant to work in harmony with its cycles. But we live in a world that increasingly disconnects us from those natural rhythms.

We may rarely get to see a truly dark sky, filled with stars. Instead, we are surrounded by artificial light. Our computers and phones constantly blink and beep to get our attention.

We are taught to ignore the powerful guidance offered to us by our feminine bio-rhythms. We judge our premenstrual sensitivity as weakness, rather than as a powerfully intuitive time. We think of the pain of menses as a nuisance that prevents us from being “productive.” We think of life as being over at menopause. (ABSURD!)

In our modern world, following the cycles of the Sun and Moon may seem like a quaint past-time of our farmer ancestors. In a western culture focused on achievement at all costs, slowing down to listen to the wisdom of our female bodies may feel like a mere obstruction to our progress.


But our connection to nature is what energizes us.
Cycles of Wisdom will help you reclaim the ancient wisdom of four powerful cycles: those of the Sun, the Moon, the Female Body, and a Woman’s Phases of Life. We will provide you with practical ways to apply your knowledge: actions you can take, rituals you can create, intentions you can seed.​
This live, twelve-week program will empower you to work with the rhythm of natural cycles, creating more sustainable energy and flow in your daily life.

This program is for you if…

  • You’re looking for ways to connect more deeply with the rhythms of nature.

  • You’ve always wanted to learn more about following the cycles of the Sun or Moon, but the material out there has seemed either overly-scientific or too “woo-woo.”

  • You’re interested in learning more about the natural rhythms of the female body and how to work in harmony with them. (Important note: This information is useful whether or not you are still cycling or whether the reproductive organs still exist — the energy centers still remain and are just as potent!)

  • You often feel a lack of balance in your life.

  • You want to know more about the rites of initiation on your journey as a woman and reclaim the power and wisdom of your later years.

  • You want to break away from the patriarchal linear mindset and embrace a cyclical way of living that is in alignment with nature.

  • You like the accountability and support of working in a live e-course format.

  • You would enjoy connecting with others who are learning alongside you.

This program includes:

  • Rich, detailed written content delivered weekly that clearly explains the cycles of nature and how to use them.

  • SIX LIVE ZOOM EVENTS in which we will present an overview and introduction to the material.

  • Weekly check-ins, activities, and prompts to help you stay on track.

  • “Integration Weeks” which alternate with the content, giving you time to digest and the structure to interact with the material.

  • One live-chat Q & A session with the program authors.

  • Weekly responses to your questions in our interactive forum.

  • A packet of beautifully designed diagrams as printable PDF downloads for each of the four sections, enhancing your ability to integrate this material into daily life.

  • Downloadable instructional PDFs to accompany each section.

  • Your own downloadable recordings of all live events.

  • Access to the content once the twelve-week program is complete so that you can refer to it again and again.

The curriculum:

  • ​Following the Moon: Aligning to the lunar phases

  • Your Power Cycle: Aligning to the female menstrual cycle

  • The Wheel of the Year: Aligning to the seasons and the solar cycle

  • The Wheel of Life: Aligning to your archetypal phase of life

“The principle of the feminine is openness to life, death, rebirth and the unity of all things within that cycle. It’s the world of nature, you see. And that’s the world that’s striving so hard now to be recognized.”

– Marion Woodman

Who Are We?


Cornelius, D.C.

Dr. Danielle is a chiropractor and holistic pelvic care practitioner offering hands on care and counsel for the female body & feminine embodiment.

You will receive expert resources in Dena and Danielle. We took great care in creating a course that works for multiple learning styles.

DeCastro, M.A.

Dena is an astrologer, teacher, and mentor offering counsel and education to those who want to live their astrology in a proactive, interactive way.

This program will help you to…

  • Live in harmony with the flow of nature’s rhythms, thereby reducing struggle and strife.

  • Move out of the patriarchal linear mindset that promotes stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

  • Bring a spirit of greater celebration and joy into your life through the regular honoring of seasonal shifts.

  • Develop daily practices that support an ever-growing relationship between you, your body, and nature.

  • Create a deeper connection with an infinite source of profound guidance: Your own body.

Start harnessing the power of cycles now.

Danielle & Dena will be present via the Zoom and live chat events through a private classroom portal. You will also receive responses to your questions throughout the program. 



We're offering this program live to our communities ONCE in 2020, and then it will only be offered again as a home study program. This means you get to participate in the calls with us LIVE, you’ll get Q and A with us LIVE, you’ll get one-on-one advice from us LIVE. So if you’ve ever  wanted to work with us, NOW is your chance!


The price of this program is $333.


You can reserve your spot now:

Here's what some of our students had to say:


"This guide is an excellent way for women to learn to better connect with their body, understand the cycles of the Moon, and to set about making changes to improve your connection with your innate self."


"The entire thing is visually stunning and the information is clear and easy to understand. It feels very do-able."


"This is a clear, simple guide to using the feminine body’s reactions to monthly and yearly cycles, helping one to make the best of those reactions in life."


"I really enjoyed Cycles of Wisdom! It's inspired me to keep track of the moon through the signs and its waxing and waning phases."


"Even though I started hearing about more women honoring the waves of each part of the cycle years ago, it’s still such a relief to hear this being taught!"