4: ECOLOGY w/ Samantha Zipporah

Updated: May 9, 2020

Samantha does a lot of important educational work for people around learning how to use bodies natural cycles to support the womb continuum. Her work is incredible and important and she is highly knowledgeable about how womb self-care outside of the medical model. I highly encourage people who want to learn more about how their bodies and wombs are literally part of the earth.


+ Conscious contraception

+ Fertility awareness

+ Body ecology

+ How tracking your cycle can be an erotic journey

+ The sacred YES

Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman. She is a fertility & sexuality educator, activist, & advocate. A former birth doula whose roots of study can be found deep in traditional midwifery “womb to tomb” style care, Sam has been supporting peers with a full spectrum of fertility, sexuality, & pregnancy experiences for over a decade in personal, professional, & clinical contexts. 


Sam has been charting her menstrual cycle for 20 years, & her ovulation for 13. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality.

She believes the mind, body, & spirit connection deserve reverence & respect.

Friends have joked that her business tagline should be, “If anything’s going in or out of a cervix, call Sam.

Sam offers guidance & education to folks all over the world via video chat, as well as e-books, & online courses. She also teaches live classes & retreats.

To learn more about Sam & her work please visit her at www.samanthazipporah.com


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