5: WISDOM w/ Dr. Amron Bevels-Wilson

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

My conversations with Amron are some of my favorites. She and I can sit in a tea house and talk for HOURS. We are both conventionally trained doctors working in unconventional ways and while our "medicine" is different, our core beliefs about healing are so similar and we both work to help empower people to align with natural energies in order to tap into their own innate capacity for healing.


- The pain of conventional medical training

- Liberation from silent agreements

- Spiritual healing, plant medicine, shamanism (and how to avoid shabby shamanism)

- Bravely being present with the body in order to feel and heal

- The general differences between how male and female bodies process energy

- The difference between sexuality and sensuality and why this is so important

- How the non-binary fits in to this work



Amron cares a LOT about women rising up into their own inner self-knowing and intuition right now. She is a medical doc offering self health support that is everything BUT medical. It started as a weight loss and nutrition offering for chronic disease, and, while she still does that, the focus has moved more into women-centric SELF CARE, where women come for deep revival at the emotional level as well as the physical level. Amron serves as the primary hub, taking in each individual client, walking through a discovery process, reviewing personal history, medical labs, etc., and not leaving anything out--life realities, traumas, and big changes included. She holds periodic healing clinics for women ready to make quantum-level change with energetic medicine. Overall, her role is to help a woman tap deeper into her own inner knowing, and discover that next best step in getting well.

Contact Amron at http://GreenHealthPDX.com. Free consultations available.