6: REBIRTH w/ Sonya Wilder

Updated: May 9

In this episode, I am joined by Sonya Wilder, a practicing Spiritual Healer and a dear friend.

We start the episode discussing her experience with mothering, and then segue into how important bodywork is in healing trauma -- whether from birthing or sexual assault. I appreciate how open Sonya is about her experience with Holistic Pelvic Care -- it is is helpful to help others understand how profound this work can be in healing these deep wounds.


+ Her background with childcare into motherhood

+ Her early obsession with water birth

+ Her water birth experiences

+ All birth stories and experiences are valid; releasing guilt

+ She shares her personal experience with miscarriage

+ How we all need to talk more openly about birth loss in order to heal

+ Yoni Eggs & Kegel's

+ Her journey finding The Vagina Whisperer, Tami Kent

+ Emotional release experiences

+ The JOY of being able to hold your bladder!

+ Energetic gestation of lineage and healing ancestral lines

+ Her candid experience healing with Holistic Pelvic Care and Chiropractic

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Sonya is a long time alternative healing practitioner. She offers QHH-Quantum Healing Hypnosis, the deepest level of hypnosis where we align with our Source, our Highest Self, where all our answers are, and heal our self with the guidance of the practitioner.  We connect with other lives, our moments in between lives, messages from loved ones, guides and angels, chakra cleaning, and full body healing. In her QHH sessions, Sonya offers Reiki, yoga therapy, aroma therapy, intuitive/psychic counseling, nutrition wisdom, and crystal healing. Find her at www.sonyawilderwellness.com.


+ Dr. Danielle's interview with Ev'Yan Whitney on her podcast The Sexually Liberated Woman, where we discussed the perils of yoni eggs and kegel exercises: https://soundcloud.com/evyanwhitney/28-pelvic-bowls-yoni-eggs

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