1: MUSE w/ Shara Raqs

Updated: May 9, 2020

In this episode, I have a conversation with Shara Raqs about cycles and creativity. She is the creator of Muse, a neuroscience-based program that helps women access the fertility patterns that impact creativity, productivity and wellbeing. Shara and I have been creative partners for several years and have been integral partners in the journey through the landscape of the feminine and the female body and its cycles.

A very special THANK YOU to Shara for not only being my first guest, but also for helping me come up with the name Vital Vagina! Our easy creative partnership is such a blessing. This episode is filled with so much wisdom. Enjoy!

We Talk About:

+ Knowing your own body

+ The Fertility Awareness Method

+ Intelligence as pattern processing vs reason and logic

+ How the subtle female biorhythms are connected to the patterns in nature

+ The creative process, like nature, is emergent

+ Training subtle internal body awareness

+ Belly Dance and Holistic Pelvic Care™

+ Presence and vitality is power


Shara Raqs is a former Professional Dancer turned Designer-Inventor who studies the effects of women’s fertility on creativity and innovation. She is the creator of Muse, a Fertility Awareness Method where she turns research insights into cycle care routines that promote flourishing states of wellbeing through wonder, epiphany and play.


Text CYCLES to 31996 to learn more about how to Muse with your Cycle.


The Alphabet vs The Goddess

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

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