A non-invasive way to receive care for often ignored but easily treatable pelvic floor conditions

While you may not usually think of seeing a chiropractor for pelvic floor symptoms — like incontinence, chronic pain, painful intercourse, bowel & bladder symptoms, pregnancy recovery, etc. — it actually makes a lot of sense. “Chiro” means “of the hands,” and our profession is deeply rooted in the practice of physical medicine. Chiropractors are very well trained in hands-on care.

It is true that most chiropractors focus on care of the neck and spine or sports-type injuries. However, a small percentage of practitioners have continued education in women’s health where we are focused on ways to support pelvic symptoms that many women have learned to simply tolerate. 

For many conditions, physical medicine is often a good conservative treatment to try before moving on to more aggressive treatments like drugs or surgery. It is also great for supportive care if more aggressive treatments are indicated.

(Fun fact: France actually recognizes the need for postpartum women to receive this type of care and the government pays for multiple sessions for each woman to rehabilitate her pelvic floor after giving birth!) 

The muscles of the pelvic floor are connected to the spine and entire pelvis. They act as a hammock at the floor of the pelvis and have a wide variety of uses. It is easy for these muscles to fall into dysfunctional patterns, especially after trauma or pregnancy, which can affect the whole body. 

Dr. Danielle treats these conditions using traditional chiropractic medicine in addition to an innovative and gentle technique for the muscles of the pelvic floor called Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC). HPC was developed by pioneering women's health physical therapist, Tami Lynn Kent who wrote the book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, and Joy in the Female Body.

Holistic Pelvic Care is designed to assess and restore balance to the pelvic space of the female body using gentle internal vaginal massage techniques combined with simple breath work.

This work is gentle, respectful, and powerful. 

Most women are walking around with some sort of pelvic muscle imbalance and, if anything, are typically given Kegel exercises (which will only strengthen any imbalance present). There is a better way.

Besides being great for long-term vaginal health, Holistic Pelvic Care can help with:

  • pelvic pain and cramping

  • decreased or painful mobility in hips & pelvis

  • pain with sitting

  • bowel and bladder issues

  • pain from cysts, fibroids and scar tissue

  • painful periods

  • pain with intercourse

  • difficulty with orgasm

  • low libido

  • organ prolapse

  • fertility support and pregnancy preparation

  • pregnancy, childbirth & miscarriage recovery

  • transition to menopause

  • incontinence

  • a sense of heaviness in the pelvis 

  • tailbone pain

  • hemorrhoids

  • low libido

No need to simply tolerate these issue anymore! If you are having any of these or similar symptoms, set up a time to visit Dr. Danielle.

You can currently find Dr. Danielle practicing in Portland, OR. 
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(Please always listen to both your instincts and multiple sources!)