10: TRANSFORM w/ Kathy Carlisle

Updated: May 9, 2020

Today is a new moon -- what perfect timing for this conversation with Kathy Carlisle of Live Everything Mindful! She and I first met about eight years ago at a feminine healing circle before either of us were very familiar with the concept. In fact, at that time, neither of us would have probably sought out this type of workshop if it weren't for a series of coincidences.

It was divine timing and connection that brought us together with a teacher that we are still linked with to this day. We also continue monthly gatherings around the new moon. Indeed, we will be nourishing ourselves and dancing to the dark moon this very evening!


+ Moving from stiffness to flow

+ Circling up with the feminine

+ What it was like for Kathy to wake up her inner feminine

+ Beyond growth mindset is flow mindset

+ Valuing the feminine as much as the masculine

+ New moon rituals as healing medicine for feminine energy

+ Her process living between mainstream and "alternative" worlds

+ Letting go of labels that kill curiosity

+ Her self-care center, Live Everything Mindful

+ As a photographer, Kathy helps people stay in their bodies and express their true selves in her photo shoots


Kathy Carlisle is a photographer, entrepreneur and catalyst behind the Live Everything Mindful community. She is inspired daily by her three incredible children (19, 16, 14) and her rock of a husband, that is continually curious about the new person that she becomes each day. Ten years ago she set out on a journey to heal herself of Multiple Sclerosis and what she found was an awakening journey that has lit her life on fire.  She continues to use her photography skills as a healing modality to help inspire others to embark on their own journey inward. She is passionate about building a community full of keys to unlock one’s possibilities through curiosity.

To learn more, visit http://liveeverythingmindful.com/

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