11: LISTEN w/ Dr. Brett Jones

Updated: May 9, 2020

A very warm welcome to Dr. Brett Jones for his presence on the podcast today! Dr. Brett is a chiropractor, a mentor to many other chiropractor, and has recently created his own podcast, Sacred Masculine.

It is no surprise to people who have known me for a long time that I have found chiropractic to be a bit on the "hyper-masculine" side. This was a turn off for me and what pushed me to pursue the feminine healing realm and pelvic care in the beginning of my career.

However, just over a year ago, I heard a strong call to integrate more traditional chiropractic work deeply into my pelvic care practice and immediately found Dr. Brett teaching chiropractors to slow down, listen, and tune in before delivering these intense impulses.

Thank you Dr Brett for being a champion of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies!


+ The roots of chiropractic and Dr. Brett's journey to learning more about what made the early chiropractors so successful at helping people with such a variety of issues.

+ This journey led him to realize that it was just important to train BEING as much as DOING, which led him to create a holistic chiropractic training movement.

+ How he discovered that the majority of the qualities needed to be an amazing chiropractor are feminine

+ Dr. Brett's hyper-masculine background and what led him to become more interested in feminine energy

+ The difference between a chiropractic adjustment vs manipulation and concept of connection before correction... LISTENING before giving input

+ How our wholeness is about taking ownership of both masculine and feminine energies, regardless of which energy is more dominant in your being

+ Masculine energy is not negative, it's just gotten out of balance and is stuck. Like with our nervous system, it is not "bad" to go into a sympathetic state, it is when we get stuck there that it becomes unhealthy for everyone.

+ Healthy masculine energy is dynamic and allows for integration and honoring of the feminine, as well as the needs of the others around us and our environment

+ The pain of leadership and learning to receive support




Considered one of the most progressive chiropractors in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Brett Jones is dedicated to giving, loving and serving his community with the chiropractic adjustment and the chiropractic principle.

As the co-founder of the world’s largest chiropractic performance training program, Dr. Brett shares his commitment to his patients with his commitment to helping chiropractors around the world better train their craft.

Find Dr. Brett Jones online: website, youtube, facebook

Dr. Brett's practice in Oakland, CA at The Source Chiropractic

Learn more chiropractic performance training at Kairos Training Culture

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