9: ENERGY w/ Aqiylah Collins

Updated: May 9, 2020

Please welcome Aqiylah Collins to the podcast! Aqiylah is my Reiki Master. She is also a certified health coach, Reiki master teacher, chaplain, postpartum peristeam practitioner, and doula. I am so happy to have her share her wisdom with us.

She and I first met about 20 years ago when we both worked for an electrical utility company. Coincidentally, we both left this field and each ended up in the healing world, using energy in a completely different way. Though we practice in differently, Aqiylah and I both work within the women's health fields.

In this episode, Aqiylah shares her background, her journey to healing work. We discuss Reiki energy and the profound effects this simple modality can have for so many different people and issues. We then segue into talking about vaginal care and how deeply important it is for females to be fully connected to their entire bodies.

We discuss:

+ Aqiylah's background

+ The simple, practical application of Reiki

+ Our culture is touch starved, Reiki can help

+ Demystifying vaginal steams

+ Steams can help menopausal symptoms

+ The power of plants

+ Contraindications to steaming

+ How reconnecting to the womb can be profoundly healing

+ How modern gynecological care can encourage disconnection from the body


Aqiylah Collins is a certified health coach, Reiki master teacher, chaplain, postpartum peristeam practitioner, and doula. She is also the co-founder of Qi To Wellness, a health and wellness center that uses an integrative approach to regaining life balance and reclaiming energy. A mother, grandmother and native New Yorker, Aqiylah traded in her big city digs for life in Richmond, VA, where she shares her home with her lifelong partner and husband, Omar. Aqiylah finds her balance and energy through yoga, prayer, fasting, eating cleanly, joyfulness, reading, teaching and laughter. To learn more, you can find Aqiylah at www.qitowellness.com.

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