"Dr. Danielle is endlessly knowledgeable, passionate, and her hands are magic. Her deep understanding of the body comes through in every movement and question, as is her respect for her clients as people." - WRITER 

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Cycles of Wisdom E-Course

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Natural Cycles for Sustainable Ease and Flow.


With help from co-author Dena DeCastro, we are here to help you reclaim the ancient wisdom of four powerful cycles: that of the Sun, the Moon, the Female Body, and a Woman’s Life.


We will provide you with practical ways to apply your knowledge: actions you can take, rituals you can create, intentions you can seed.


This ebook is for you if:


  • You often feel a lack of balance in your life.
  • You’re looking for ways to connect more deeply with the rhythms of nature.
  • You’re interested in learning more about the natural rhythms of the female body and how to work in harmony with them. (Important note: This information is useful whether or not you are still cycling or whether the reproductive organs still exist — the energy centers still remain and are just as potent!)
  • You’ve always wanted to learn more about following the cycles of the Sun or Moon, but the material out there has seemed either overly-scientific or too “woo-woo.”
  • You’re hungry for the knowing that comes with the wisdom of the Sun, Moon and Body together in daily life.
  • You’re a beginner pagan who wants to know more about the Wheel of the Year.
  • You want to know more about the rites of initiation on your journey as a woman and reclaim the power and wisdom of your later years.
  • You want to break away from the patriarchal linear mindset and embrace a cyclical way of living that is in alignment with nature.


The wisdom you gain from this multimedia e-book will empower you to work with the rhythm of natural cycles, creating more sustainable energy and flow in your daily life. This course includes a 61-page ebook, four supporting videos, and beautifully-designed diagrams, one for each section.


We hope you enjoy your time with us exploring the wisdom of nature's cycles. The more you put these tools into daily practice, the more you will benefit from the material.


More details at www.cyclesofwisdom.com.


Here is what some of our students had to say:


"Even though I started hearing about more women honoring the waves of each part of the cycle years ago, it’s still such a relief to hear this being taught!"


"The entire thing is visually stunning and the information is clear and easy to understand. It feels very do-able."


"This is a clear, simple guide to using the feminine body’s reactions to monthly and yearly cycles, helping one to make the best of those reactions in life."


"This guide is an excellent way for women to learn to better connect with their body, understand the cycles of the Moon, and set about making easy changes to improve your connection with your innate self."


"I really enjoyed Cycles of Wisdom! Very helpful read. It's inspired me to keep track of the moon through the signs and it's general waxing and waning phases."